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Before making an appointment 
The health and risk requirements of semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) are largely similar to those of  a tattoo. 
Before making an appointment, we want to be extra careful and make sure  you don't have any conditions that could cause side effects or affect your safety (contraindications). 


These contraindications may include(not limited too): 

  •  Pregnant or currently breastfeeding

  • Any skin condition that may cause inflammation or worsening of the brow area  

  • Diseases or conditions that affects the immune system and can therefore affect the healing process 

  • If you are prone to keloids 

  • Any condition or medication that can cause heavy bleeding (alcohol addiction, taking blood thinners like aspirin, vitamin E  or fish oil tablets, etc.) 

  • If you have a rare condition called sarcoidosis that causes inflammation and creates raised bumps on your skin 

If you have  such conditions, it does not mean that you are completely forbidden to have beautiful eyebrows. Just consult  your artist first to see what your options are. He/she may recommend that you contact a licensed physician for approval prior to getting a tattoo. In the end, your safety and well-being stand before any procedure. So,  for you to get beautiful and safe results, it is best to schedule a virtual consultation to form a deeper understanding between the client and the artist.

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